A popular song by Steve Allen published in 1956, “This Could Be the Start of Something Big“. Originally, the song was written as part of the score of The Bachelor, a 1954 television musical production notable for the early appearances of legendary dancer Carol Haney and Jayne Mansfield (Mariska “SVU” Hargitay’s mom). In 1956 “This Could Be the Start” replaced the original opening theme to Allen’s NBC talk show, Tonight Starring Steve Allen, until Allen left the show in 1957 to be replaced by Jack Paar (and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses“). It became something of a personal theme song for him, being used as the opening to his other talk/variety shows, as well as during the opening of both the CBS and syndicated versions of I’ve Got a Secret during his time as host.

Steve Allen Tonight ShowSteve Lawrence, Steve Allen and Eydie Gorme on The Tonight Show (NBC, 1956-60) in one incredible tracking shot at the Burbank Studios. Available here on my YT channel.

EXTRA! Bobby Darin, a cool cat as ever there was, sings “This Could Be the Start” on his on TV show circa 1973; audio here.

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