“Where Or When” by Rodgers & Hart Sung by Ellen Burstyn in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Directed by Martin Scorsese, 1974

When you’re awake
The things you think
Come from the dreams you dream
Thought has wings
And lots of things
Are seldom what they seem

Where or When

In this, Scorsese’s fourth feature, Ellen Burstyn plays Alice Hyatt, a New Mexico housewife suddenly widowed and left without means of support, who decides to try to return to her childhood home of Monterey, California and make a go of it again as a professional singer.

Weak and breathy as her voice is, something about the way Edna Rae sings this song appeals to me so much I come back to this scene again and again. By the way, you do notice the sheet music for Oklahoma on the piano…


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