Casablanca Suite Composed and Orchestrated by Max Steiner, Conducted by John Wilson

Steiner’s suite (written score here) is clearly patched together from various melodies in the film Casablanca, including the Nazi drinking song “Die Wacht am Rhein” (Schneckenburger/Wilhelm, 1853); “La Marseillaise” (de Lisle, 1792); and, of course, “As Time Goes By” (Herman Hupfeld, 1931). And is that a little of Steiner’s own King Kong? The Warner Bros Pictures music theme at the beginning is entirely Steiner’s composition.

I feel a raging, yearning, unchaste tenderness for John when he conducts schmaltzy pieces like this which sort of makes up, as I say, for the times his fatuous pronouncements annoy the hell out of me.

John Wilson Rosza 1.jpeg

Click here to get to John and the JWO. Once again, from the 2013 BBC Proms.


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