New York. Me at nearly 19, around the time I started booking gigs as a topless dancer to pay for my extra singing lessons. Polaroid shot by boyfriend while he was taking a break putting together my bookcase in my new apartment. That’s a still from Casablanca on the wall. Here’s the famous nude pinup that got me in trouble on FB, the one of Lyle Waggoner, which just came out the previous summer; it’s a little off-screen to the left.)

Cantara Waiting for Bookcase

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6 thoughts on “Cantara, 1973

  1. This reminds me of this shot, currently my favorite shot of you from your (sadly) short career on the screen:

    Is this the SECOND polaroid he took (looks like one is already on the couch?). Needless to say you definitely got this pose down. I could watch a whole movie of you like this!


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