Here’s Stokowski, international maestro (and, like my beloved John Wilson, a Royal College of Music graduate) in my second favorite Deanna Durbin movie: 100 Men and a Girl. Directed by Henry Koster. Universal, 1937. Andre Previn‘s great-uncle Charles Previn, musical director, arranger, composer and conductor at Universal, won an Oscar for his score for 100 Men and a Girl. While at Universal, Previn accumulated over 225 films to his credit, including most of Deanna Durbin’s films.

The bass-baritone in the Bugs Bunny classic “Long-Haired Hare”, where the title of this blog comes from, is voiced by bass-baritone SF native (and, like my son, a Mission High School graduate) Nicolai Shutorev.

Stokowski, Durbin

100 MEN AND A GIRL is available in its entirety at my YT channel here

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