The Story So Far; Or, Conductor John Wilson—His Limits

Anyroad, like a good Dr Watson I have compiled a list:


John Wilson Rosza 2 copy

Knowledge of/affinity for/talent with:

  • English Light Music – Affinity natural; knowledge vast; repopularized Angela Morley, Malcolm Arnold, Arnold Bax, Edward Elgar, Edward German, Eric Coates, Robert Farnum, Hubert Parry, etc etc; recorded over a dozen albums of English light music with Naxos, etc
  • English Light Music, Gilbert & Sullivan Division – Creditably conducted Ruddigore (my favorite G&S, as “Basingstoke” was the safeword my boyfriend and I used during bondage games); slated to conduct Trial by Jury spring 2019
  • Classical Repertoire – Affinity for Rachmaninoff, Fauré (?), Copland (besides “Fanfare”, who cares?)
  • Classical Repertoire, English Romantics Division – Deep affinity for Vaughan Williams, possibly Frederick Delius
  • Opera – Creditably conducted Madame Butterfly at Glyndebourne in 2016 (The Guardian: “John Wilson…conducts his first opera as one born to it, with bags of passion and a wonderfully instinctive feel for the ebb and flow of the score”); creditably conducted Porgy and Bess fall 2018 at the English National Opera
  • Film Music – Creditably conducted “British Film Music” for the 2007 Proms; transcribed by ear complete MGM “lost” movie musical scores including The Wizard of Oz and Singin’ In the Rain, resulting in 200+ pieces of programmable material (for the Proms, for example)—many of which are now of course part of the John Wilson Orchestra repertoire—while the complete scores are now available to orchestras worldwide for symphonic and live-to-screen concerts
  • Big Band/Big Swing – Starting in his early 20s John cut his teeth on this type of music, starting with his stint at London’s fancy-shmancy Grosvenor Hotel; recorded 8 albums for Vocalion; nominated for Grammy 2005 for the soundtrack of the biopic Beyond the Sea (which is really the first time I heard the JWO but didn’t know it)
  • Jazz – John has absolutely no idea what jazz is, yet recorded an album entitled Orchestral Jazz. Let me put it this way: John has as much idea of jazz as Shostakovich did.
  • Broadway and the Great American Songbook – DON’T get me started here. I’m going to be blogging about this.

All the rest is just Cantara trying to sort out where bonny John fits into her inner life. Which as it turns out is in every nook, every cranny…


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