Susie Myerson to Mrs Maisel in Season 1, Episode 6 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel:

Susie: Miriam, he just sold you some line ’cause he wants to get in your pants.
Midge: He does not want to get into my pants.
Susie: He wants to fuck you!
Midge: He wants me to work with him. He says we’ll be like Nichols and May… Nichols and May don’t fuck.
Susie: Nichols and May totally fuck!
Midge: That’s not what he says.
Susie: I walked in on them once in the bathroom here. Even their fucking was hilarious!

EXTRA: Find the NICHOLS AND MAY playlist on my YT channel here

Extra Extra! And read Vanity Fair’s 2012 exclusive interview “The Reunion of Nichols and May” here

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