If you can get over to Belgium, this’ll be almost as good as the The John Wilson Orchestra at the BBC Proms. Performing at the 5 year-old, acoustically perfect, 2000-seat Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra under John’s baton will be offering a Saturday evening filled with old favorites:

  • Erich Korngold / The Sea Hawk from the 1940 film
  • Martin-Blane / The Trolley Song from the 1944 film Meet Me In St Louis [BB Proms video https://bit.ly/trolleysong; from JWO album https://bit.ly/trolleysong1]
  • Romberg-Hammerstein / Softly as in a Morning Sunrise from the 1940 film The New Moon (song)
  • Richard Rodgers / Carousel Waltz from the 1956 film
  • Bernard Herrmann / Psycho Suite for Strings from the 1959 film [YT Proms video https://bit.ly/psychostrings]
  • Jerry Herman / Love is Only Love from Hello, Dolly! from the 1969 film (song)
  • John Williams / ET the Extra-Terrestrial Suite from the 1982 film
  • Jerome Moross / The Big Country from the 1958 film [YT Proms video https://bit.ly/jwobigcountry]
  • Max Steiner / Gone With The Wind Suite from the 1939 film
  • Kern-Hammerstein / Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man from the 1951 film Showboat (song)
  • Gershwin Bros / I Got Rhythm from the 1943 film Girl Crazy (song) [on the JWO album https://bit.ly/jwoigotrhythm]
  • Franz Waxman / A Place In The Sun Suite from the 1951 film
  • Scott Bradley / Tom and Jerry at MGM from the 1940-1958 cartoons
  • Miklós Rózsa / Parade of the Charioteers from the 1959 film Ben Hur [YT Proms video https://bit.ly/rozsabenhur]

Kim Criswell, vocalist

How about making a little party out of it? And if you get over there, tell John I said hello.

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