Bolden: The Untold Story of JFK’s Assassination

Just for the record, this is my first screenplay, written for two reasons:

1) Because a former black US Secret Service agent—still living—who became inadvertently involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, personally asked me to write it;

2) To get back at an ex-friend, the self-described whore Stephen Gyllenhaal (yeah he’s a whore, but here’s one of his better movies), who had contracted with a dodgy production company to write and direct a feature narrative film vindicating the behavior of Kennedy’s Secret Service detail in Dallas on 22 November, 1963. (Luckily, the film company ran out of money before they even started casting.)

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No production deal yet, but I know everything—everything—proven and unproven about the JFK assassination. Ask me about anything. The rifle. Marina’s uncle. Gary Powers. Oak Cliff. Where I was that day.