My First Music: Geraldo Among the Filipinos, 1963

God, Danny Sibolboro was such a weenie. Taken December 1963 at one of the many, many dances of the Moveable Filipino Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Geraldo was playing. Filipinos love Geraldo.

Cantara Dancing with Danny Sibolboro

Hit the Road to Dreamland
Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
Shall We Dance?
Big Band Arrangements of Geraldo
John Wilson Orchestra
John Wilson, conductor
Vocalion, 2002

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Cantara, 1973

New York. Me at 18, around the time I started booking gigs as a topless dancer to pay for my singing lessons. Polaroid shot by boyfriend while he was taking a break fixing my bookcase. That’s a still from Casablanca on the wall. Here’s the famous nude pinup of Lyle Waggoner, which just came out that summer; it’s a little off-screen to the left.)

Cantara Waiting for Bookcase

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Cantara, 1961

I distinctly remember trying to pose here like Marilyn Monroe. I was wearing my favorite skirt Mom made from fabric ends with loads of rickrack and crinoline. Remember crinoline, that bane of womanhood?

Cantara at 4

Mom’s favorite actress was Elizabeth Taylor. This pic was taken around the time Taylor got sick filming Cleopatra and—somebody bear me out on this—there was a huge spread in Life magazine about the “troubled” production, which included the interesting info that the director, Rouben Mamoulian, had been fired. Which was the first time I ever encountered the name…

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