Jake Gyllenhaal Sings “Finishing a Hat” by Stephen Sondheim from Sunday In the Park with George, Hudson Theatre NYC, 1 February 2017

That however you live
There’s a part of you always standing by
Mapping out the sky
Finishing a hat
Starting on a hat
Finishing a hat
Look, I made a hat
Where there never was a hat

Jake 2

I know, I know, Steve and I are still on the outs but his son sings this song so beautifully (no Mandy Patinkin though) I have to share it with you.


Cole Porter’s Kiss Me Kate at the 2014 BBC Proms, Played by The JWO and Conducted by John Wilson

John and his orchestra don’t always perform semi-staged musicals badly at the BBC Proms—their 2012 My Fair Lady was pretty much all right, no shenanigans there (although The Guardian wrote, “John Wilson’s adapted score—which borrows from Andre Previn’s movie arrangement—adds a sparkle to even the most drearily expository songs: the flutes somehow sound cheekier, the brass ruder, the strings zingier”); and their 2014 Kiss Me Kate was big, sexy and playful, as it was meant to be. Winsome John even gets a speaking part!

john wilson kmk lincoln center

The entire production is available to watch here.

Sid Ramin and Red Ginzler’s Overture to Gypsy: John Wilson Conducting The John Wilson Orchestra, BBC Proms 2012

John Wilson shimmying like a brazen hussy at 4:00. This is the moment I fell in love with him, that lovely luscious moment where I realized Baby, I have so got your number…

John Wilson Gypsy Overture

The indication “burlesque strip stylewas actually written on the music right around this point. Both Ramin and Ginzler cut their teeth writing swing arrangements; lead trumpet in the original Gypsy pit was Dick Perry, late of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Solo trumpet Mike Lovatt here lays it down fine. Some people obviously know something about burlycue. Composer Jule Styne was pleased with this orchestration. Once again, the BBC Proms program Broadway Sounds, 2012.

“I’ve Got Your Number” by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh from Little Me, Sung by Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke

I've Got Your Number

Season 4, episode 8 of The Dick Van Dyke Show: “The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail“. To my utter surprise I learned that Mary Tyler Moore, who I used to put down as a Midwestern Barbie Doll, was actually born in Brooklyn and raised Catholic—parochial school, the works. But after that, she had the pipes and gams to make it (remember Richard Diamond?), and starting out life in the Apple never hurts. In the 60s after the Van Dyke show they kept trying to push her into overnight stardom either on the musical stage (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or film (Change of Habit with Elvis-freakin-Presley) but when she went back to TV her star really began to rise.