Ocean’s Kingdom, A 2011 Ballet Score by Paul McCartney, Co-Arranged and Conducted by John Wilson

I prefer listening to the second movement but the entire piece is worthwhile. Yes, that Paul McCartney.

Ocean's Kingdom 2.jpg


The Pure Joy of St. Trinian’s and Inn of the Sixth Happiness by Malcolm Arnold

Well. To discover that the man who wrote the silliest school song ever (“St Trinian’s, St Trinian’s, our battle cry, St Trinian’s, St Trinian’s will never die“) also wrote a nice traditional big-movie-sound score for a film I vividly remember watching on TV with my mom (music starts at 2:00). Cheesy script, cheesy sentiments, and Gladys Aylward never forgave the filmmakers for portraying her true love, Colonel Lin, as a white man, but the ending made me cry and it’s got Ingrid Bergman plus a hundred kids who kinda looked like me.

Update 4 April 2017: A sympathetic correspondent tells me that an “Inn of the Sixth Happiness Suite” exists, here played by the Royal Academy. Again I’m getting all weepy.