Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall, 11 June 1962, Directed by Joe Hamilton, Written by Mike Nichols

This nine-minute medley sung by Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett, called “History of Musical Comedy”, is a variety-show tour de force enough for the first six minutes; then at 6:00 it rises to high art in the most affecting soprano duet in the repertoire of American opera. Happy birthday, Mr B.

Julie and Carol at Caarnegie Hall 2.jpeg


Bernstein’s On the Town, Performed at the BBC Proms by the LSO, Conducted by John Wilson

Available on BBC Radio on-demand streaming for the next 30 days. And you know, it’s pretty good! Straightforwardly sung, acted and played; no John going meshugenah with the tempi like he did two weeks ago with the JWO. (You do not mess around with the London Symphony Orchestra.) And is that the venerable UK-based American actor Kerry Shale doing the narrating?

John Wilson On the Town 2.JPG

As it was in West Side Story two weeks ago, I am theorizing that the astonishing foot-stomping in the audience that went on when my darling John stepped forward to take his bow at the end was started by fellow students of the ArtsEd chorus and not a biker gang.

Get-a-Room Sexy with Bernadette Peters and Conductor John Mauceri

I’m a pot of joy for a hungry boy,
Baby, I’m cookin’ with gas.
Oh, I’m a gumdrop,
A sweet lollipop,
A brook trout right out of the brook,
And what’s more, baby, I can cook!

The queen of Broadway Bernadette Peters entices conductor John Mauceri with her many, many assets, courtesy of Leonard Bernstein and the great lyric team of Adolph Green and Betty Comden. “I Can Cook, Too” from On the Town. Fun starts here at 4:45.

Peters Mausceri.jpg