Jake Gyllenhaal Sings “Finishing a Hat” by Stephen Sondheim from Sunday In the Park with George, Hudson Theatre NYC, 1 February 2017

That however you live
There’s a part of you always standing by
Mapping out the sky
Finishing a hat
Starting on a hat
Finishing a hat
Look, I made a hat
Where there never was a hat


I know, I know, Steve Gyllenhaal and I are still on the outs but his son sings this song so beautifully (no Mandy Patinkin though) I have to share it with you.

Paris Trout with Dennis Hopper and Barbara Hershey, Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, 1991

paris trout

Search the term “bottle+rape+scene+dennis+hopper” and you’ll likely be sent to this entire film, Steve’s second feature directorial effort (at 42, he’s 69 now) and Hopper’s purportedly favorite role. Bottle rape at 42:00. There’s a creepy, dreamy, nasty edge in almost all the sex scenes of Steve’s movies… If we were still talking I would probably bring it up, but as his mind is gone—shockingly, dismayingly gone—it’d be pretty pointless.

End Title Music from Waterland by Carter Burwell

After all these years I’m still so steamed at Steve I forget how beautiful his movie and how achingly beautiful the music is.


To get a glimpse of Steve’s movie starring Jeremy Irons, read my post on Waterland above. PS 8 January 2019: I posted, then just as quickly removed, a pretty snarky photo of Steve just now. Can’t keep beating my fists on his chest, he’s gone, completely gone…body, mind, spirit, everything

The Mighty Wurlitzer at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco

San Francisco, open your Golden Gate
You’ll let no stranger wait outside your door
San Francisco, here is your wanderin’ one
Saying I’ll wander no more

The Castro Theatre was our neighborhood picture palace back in San Francisco. Went to dozens of movies there, sometimes with Mister Grumble (this is when he still could see), sometimes with the The Kid, sometimes with both: King Kong, Casablanca, The Garden of Allah, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, that movie Steve‘s son was in called Brokeback Mountain, etc etc etc. But the organ was always the best part.

David Hegarty at the Might Wurlitzer

Here‘s David Hagerty between evening shows giving the best of The Mighty Wurlitzer and ending (starting at 8:17), as he always does at every performance, with an inspiring rendition of the official anthem of my spiritual birthplace, “San Francisco” (Bronislaw Kaper and Walter Jurmann, lyrics by Gus Kahn, 1936).

Waterland Starring Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack, Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, 1992

As I said above, this is one of Steve’s better movies. (Re the pic below: It’s the only movie still I could find on the ‘net without a watermark and yes, that is Lena Headey in her first screen role.)

Waterland Scene.jpeg

From the novel by Graham Swift, who has the semi-amusing story in his own memoir of how Steve got the job in the first place.

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra—”In Truth” by Lucas Richman

PIttsburgh Richman In Truth
Lucas Richman, Jeffrey Biegel, piano, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra record In Truth at Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh PA

American conductor/composer Lucas Richman has conducted several film score soundtracks including: As Good as It Gets, Se7en, The Manchurian Candidate (2004), and the Academy Award-nominated The Village. In addition to his recording and film work, Richman has been serving, since 2010, as the music director of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra in Bangor, Maine. Richman is the son of American actors Peter Mark Richman and Helen Richman and the brother of producer Orien Richman (who produced Steve‘s last movie). He received his master of music degree in conducting from the University of Southern California and earned a Dramalogue Award for conducting Leonard Bernstein’s Candide in 2005.