Three Songs from the Great Yiddish Songbook: “Bei mir bist du shoen” Sung by the Barry Sisters; “Rumania Rumania” Sung by Tosca; and “Lekhayim” from the 2018 Yiddish Fiddler On the Roof

I have a heavyweight posting coming so here’re some nice tunes to tide all of you over:

“Bei mir bist du shoen”
by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda (1932)
sung by the Barry Sisters

“Rumania Rumania”
by Aaron Lebedeff (1925)
sung by Tosca Donati

from Fiddler On the Roof (Grey dir, 2018)
Entirely in Yiddish
by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick (English, 1964)
translation by Shraga Friedman
Complete cast album here.

Boris and Bessie Thomashevsky.jpgBoris and Bessie Thomashevsky, because the guy refuses to leave.

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A Laughs and Tenderness Break: Molly Picon Sings “Oyfen Pripetchik” in Car 54, Where Are You?

We certainly all need some tenderness and a couple laughs right now. Below, the wonderful, luminous Molly Picon—who worked with legendary actor-producer-director-impressario-rival-to-Jacob-Adler-Stella’s-dad-model-for-Max-Bialystock-grandfather-of-Michael-Tilson-Thomas Boris Thomashevsky—sings “Oyfen Pripetchik” (MM Warshawsky 1848–1907), an enduring, evocative song from the past that everyone at a certain time, in a certain place, seems to have known the melody and all the words to. From season 2, episode 6 of the TV comedy masterpiece, Car 54, Where Are You? (Entire episode on my YT channel here. And really, dig the punch line ending.)

Below, a lovely rendition from Israeli singer Chava Alberstein.

Molly Picon in Car 54 Where Are YouCould you say no to this woman?

Oyfn pripetchik brent a fayerl,
Un in shtub is heys.
Un der rebe lernt kleyne kinderlekh
Dem alef-beyz.

Zet zhe kinderlekh,
Gedenkt zhe, tayere, vos ir lernt do.
Zogt zhe nokh a mol un take nokh a mol:
“Komets-alef: o!”

Lernt kinderlekh, lernt mit freyd,
Lernt dem alef-beyz.
Gliklekh is der Yid, wos kent die toyre
Un dos alef-beyz.

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